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Python Exercises

On this page you will find links to series of exercises to help with learning to code in general and Python in particular.

Title Description
Iteration Using for and while loops to process numeric and character data
1D List Exercises A series of exercises to get you familiar with using lists
2D List Exercises Using 2D list to analyse time spent by students playing games Includes skeleton code

Notes: This is a zip file download, unzip the contents then move to your development folder

Calculator Create a basic program to mimic a calculator (add, subtract, multiply and divide)
Chatbot Exercise to create a chatbot that remembers who you are and what you said! Designed to cover validation, list, file handling and structured programming
Code Readability Exercise to help you understand how to improve the readability of code
Sports Team Using DIV and MOD in python. Differentiated task to allow the user to input data, validate and produce a result
Global variables Understand varaible scope and how to use global variables
Programming Techniques Analyse an algorithm to identify where various programming techniques are used.
Paint a Room Exercise to create a program to allow the user to enter the dimension of a room and the program calculates the amount of paint and the cost.
Universal Converter Universal converter code template. User chooses the measurement to be converted eg length, weight temperature etc measurement  to be converted
BMI Calculator Accepting a users height and weight and calculating the BMI and degree of obesity
Student Weights Record student weights and analyse the difference at the end of term
Car Park Manager Record entry time into the car park then calculates the amount to pay based on the length of stay
Concrete Products Order system Allows the user to choose the shape and size and quantity of concrete products. Calculates the final cost of all orders placed
Flashcards Electronic flashcards to aid exam revision. Uses a text file to store data