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String to Date

Useful bits of code to return the current date
This code will show you how selct parts of the date and how to print the date in a formatted manner

#Author: A Knifton
#Date: 20 Mar 2018
#Purpose: handling Date & Time

from datetime import datetime
# get the full date and time into one variable
fullDateTime =

# use the today method to return various parts of the date
cYear =
cMonth =
cDay =
cTime =

#output various parts to demo how it works
print(f"The current year is {cYear}\nThe month is {cMonth}\nThe day  is {cDay}\nThe time  is {cTime}\n\n")

print(f'Current date and time {fullDateTime}')

# now use strftime to format the date object to display in a way that is useful to the user
# see a full list of codes here:
print(f"Reformatted: {fullDateTime.strftime('%A, %d %B %Y')}")