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Python Turtle

Originally, the turtle was a robot It moved around the floor when the user typed commands into a computer. Today, it is a picture on the canvas drawing area in Python
The default turtle is drawn as a triangle but this can be changed in the code

The Screen() function creates a graphics window.
The graphics window contains a canvas, this is the area inside the window which the turtle draws the lines and shapes on.

The turtle is moved using a combination of X and Y co‐ordinates and left or right turns.
the graphic below illustrates the principle.

Turtle Commands and Methods

Pystart Presentation on using Turtle

The complete set of methods to program with:

Python Turtle Documentation

List of colours to use in an easy to find way:

Complete colour list

Here are a set of resources to understand Computational Thinking, using Python turtle

Title Description
Decomposition Understanding how decomposition can be applied to computing problems
Algorithms Understanding how write an algorithm
Abstraction Practical application of abstraction
Decomposition making decoposition work in a Python program
Method Description
turtle Commands List of basic turtle commands
turtle shapes How to draw basic shapes
Draw House Starter Skeleton code to start drawing a house
DrawHouse Draw a house Complete Code. The user selects the style of house from a menu